Devils Of Manhattan

Franklin Graham scorches Wall  Street naysayers: In response to a Wall Street Journal column claiming that in some “distant, better future, the foreclosure of Hell will be an important step in the maturation of human communities,”

Will a hurricane make land fall in Southern California for the first time in history?  Watching Lorena for next week.

Warning Issued After McKinney (Texas) Restaurant Worker Contracts Typhoid Fever Concern because it's food handler

Labs confirm 1st new case of polio in Philippines in 26 years

Leprosy Spreading In Los Angeles Homeless Camps

Nova Scotia Forces Catholic Hospital to Kill Patients

New Study  Again Links Premarital Sex With Separation and Divorce

People looking for love find kindness more desirable in a partner than looks, money and sense of humor

Hamas Tries to Fire Rockets at Israel, They Backfire and Fall in Gaza injuring 7

'This one did sneak up on us': Internal NASA emails reveal how it almost 'missed' a football-field-sized asteroid so big it could have destroyed a CITY when it whizzed past Earth in July

Trump carries a wad of cash for tipping people in his back pocket instead of a wallet

Shocking scans show how vaping e-cigarettes left a 19-year-old's lungs filled with solidified oil that looked like hardened bacon grease and left him unable to breathe on his own

Singer Francesca Battistelli says God miraculously healed her after needing surgery while pregnant

Actress was on the brink of suicide — then an incredible moment saved her life 

Mosquito-borne virus victim went from healthy to brain dead in 9 days

Uptick in rare mosquito-borne virus

Flu expected to be severe this year

Alabama Students Defy Atheists, Recite the Lord’s Prayer At Game

Buffalo bishop’s deception a test for Pope Francis

Bishop Malone, denial or ego “ … if I thought that the majority of Catholic people in particular were calling for my resignation, that would be a different story.”

Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions

Only hearts harvested from living babies can be used for research, expert tells Daleiden hearing

A senior Catholic sister and theologian has suggested sophisticated robots could be used as priests Is a robot suppose to be "Im persona Christi" ??  What is wrong with theologians these days??

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Jonathan Cahn's The Oracle Hits #1: Explains Prophetic Mysteries, How Jubilee Is Tied to Trump and Jerusalem

Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception Named NFL Network's Top Play in NFL History

Our Lady of Good Help – A Preeminent U. S. Pilgrimage Site

'Hail Mary' named as Ireland's best-loved prayer

Msgr. Walter Rossi has taken a leave of absence from the board of trustees at The Catholic University of America while he is the subject of a canonical investigation for unspecified allegations of misconduct

Dead priests accused of abusing children likely 'reside in hell,' lawsuits assert

Late Cokie Roberts: Virulent Anti-Catholic

Billionaire Robert Smith's surprise pledge to pay off the student loans of Morehouse College's class of 2019 has been extended to include the educational debt amassed by their PARENTS too in $34 MILLION giveaway 

Jesus appeared to Middle Eastern Muslim every night, recited entire Gospel of John: 'God is moving'

God's amazing grace and protection in Afghanistan

Will Chicago Be The Largest US City To Declare Bankruptcy?

Judge Blocks California Law That Requires Trump to Release Tax Returns to Be on Ballot

Lexington priest pays for funerals of sisters killed in car wreck

Mass-shooting survivor lobbies Congress for less gun control 

How to handle the adult bully in your life

Blood of St Januarius liquefies on feast day

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Johns Hopkins Professor Issues Dire Warning on Transgender Treatment for Kids‘: Reckless and Irresponsible

A Sacramento-area woman who identifies as a transgender man will be allowed to sue a Catholic hospital for cancelling  a procedure to remove her uterus

How bakery worker got DNA to crack 30-year-old case