In 1676 A Possessed Nun Wrote A Hieroglyphic Message From The Devil.
Now the Letter, Denying God, Has Been Translated

A Silent Vatican in a Time of Crisis

Judge orders Trump administration to restore CNN reporter Jim Acosta's White House press pass  

Bishop reported missing amid Beijing-Vatican reconciliation

Nightmare in Hebei, China- four underground priests subjected to 'brainwashing' for over a month

Cardinal Zen flies to Rome again to deliver seven-page letter to Pope detailing renewed persecution following Vatican/China deal

Study: Men with beards are more attractive

Mystery passerby saves elderly man from Mobile County fire

Twelve suits alleging sexual abuse in Pittsburgh Diocese include 4 priests not previously named

Letter: Malone has earned support, not calls for his expulsion  No he has not! Moreover, he cannot be trusted. Diocesan changes were forced upon him. His loyal staff had to resign and it took a national broadcast (60 Minutes) to motivate him. He has not acknowledged the root cause of the upheaval in his diocese,  (homosexuality v. "clericalism"). If "clericalism", he is its poster boy.  He should not retain his leadership role by default, ("because it will take 2 years to appoint another bishop"),  He will always, (and deserves), to be remembered as the pastor who picnicked  with the wolves. --Spirit-Digest

The Twelve "Apostles" of Padre Pio. Unlike those of Jesus, Padre Pio's were all women

Bishops call for a formal repudiation of Archbishop McCarrick

US bishops vote against asking Vatican to release McCarrick documents

USCCB Review Board Chairman Says Some Bishops “Must” Resign Over Abuse


A handgun for Christmas: Wisconsin company decides to buy firearms for every employee this holiday season

After Pittsburgh, Catholic churches in New York turning to armed ushers, live shooter training

Armed men rob 50 Christians inside Alabama  church

WORSHIPPERS are celebrating what they have called a miracle from God after a fire in a Serbian Church left only the faces of the saints untouched


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Worldly, cosmopolitan, elegant, she had no time for the things of God . . . until she met Padre Pio

 Rose Petals from the Little Flower Arrive Faster Than Humanly Possible

A Resurrected Man Chooses to Return to Purgatory

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My scariest dreams always involve Satan. The most memorable among them was the shortest dream I have ever experienced. In my dream I was lying in bed, awake. A presence appeared next to me. It had no shape; it was completely black and pure evil.

Expert finds huge error in global warming claim.  Oceans are warming, but MUCH more slowly original study of ocean has a huge error.

'I Kept on Praying to Jesus-' Disabled Woman's Harrowing Story of Being Held As a Sex Slave  Captive 10 Years in Filthy Philly Basement

Inmate, 78, already convicted of murdering three California women, confesses to 90 unsolved murders across the US since the 1970s - and investigators have already corroborated at least 30

Is Healthcare Better or Worse than a Decade Ago?

Caravan Migrants Admit They Are Job-Seekers‘

Breaking the silence: Allegations of abuse by Fostoria priest surface after 40 years

Massive underground volcano in southern Italy could be heading towards a catastrophic eruption

Bullet-ridden Bible saves soldier

UK man rapes 9 y.o. child; angry dad chops off offender's private parts, now dead from blood loss

Israelis Develop Breakthrough Technology for Engineering Body Tissues

Priest Saved Souls In A Sea Of Death

Gay press attacks Cordileone's remarks as homophobic "The following statements from some bishops are but some of several signs that the U.S. episcopate still strongly resists Pope Francis' efforts at church reform. "

Frisco Archbishop Cordileone calls for study of homosexuality-abuse connection

The Sins of Priests

Every single Mass said while in sin is a sacrilege. Every homosexual couple taking Communion is a sacrilege. The sacrileges are incalculable

Top 10 Parenting Mistakes