Wilton Gregory Is the Deep Church

Philadelphia police say two cops fired SEVEN gunshots EACH at Walter Wallace as he approached them with a knife before his death set off a night of rioting with 91 arrests and 30 cops injured

2nd night of rioting, looting in Philly

A 43-year-old man already incarcerated at a French prison in Amiens was sentenced to a further eight months by a court after he praised the terrorist attacker who killed and beheaded French teacher Samuel Paty  Abhorrent but not a crime in the U.S.

Moderna's chief medical officer, an Israeli,  explains why their vaccine is better   Fetal cell line used to test the vaccine but not used in the finished product.

More proof vitamin D cuts your risk of getting severely ill from Covid? 80% of hospitalized patients are deficient in the sunshine nutrient, study finds

Kidney trouble greatly raises odds for fatal COVID-19

New data highlights increasing cloth mask effectiveness

No-Fly List, Usually Associated with Terrorists, Will Now Block People Who Refuse To Wear a Mask on Planes

Poles join nationwide strike in revolt over abortion ruling

New Cardinal Designate, Antoine Kambanda's Entire Family Was Killed in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

Thieves steal a half-ton of vineyard's grapes

Thieves take $1M worth of gloves meant for Florida hospitals

Voters Conclude Joe Biden Benefited from Hunter Biden Business Deals

Hunter Biden messages 'independently confirmed' to be authentic, GOP lawmaker says

MAGA mask-wearing nuns light up Twitter when people spot them behind Trump at rally

45 missing children found, 109 human trafficking survivors rescued in Ohio operation

Vatican Court Hears Unprecedented Sexual Abuse Criminal Trial: (Updated)

Invoking the Holy Wounds of Christ for the triumph of the Church

France withdraws ambassador to Turkey

The United States is warning it will destroy potential Iranian long-range missile shipments delivered to the Maduro regime in Venezuela

China to impose sanctions on U.S. firms over Taiwan arms sales

Picture sender PB says "I happened to see this picture after the oath administered by Justice Thomas taken  and zoomed in to see what the purple light was on her hair (ACB).  I actually see a soldier or Angel/Saint in armor with a Cross in his hand."   

Past Headlines

Praying the Rosary Can Save You from Going to Hell  

Blessed Mother protects a British soldier in Afghanistan... just as it protected his great-grandfather in WW I.

Demonic Foes as Witnessed by a Psychiatrist

This life or death situation brought a father and son together—through panic, strength and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Catholic Leaders Issue Sharp Warning (to) on Liberal Pope Just as in the political realm, is there a “deep state” within the Catholic Church that’s trying to destroy the traditional, true faith in favor of its own agenda?

Fiasco over pope's  civil union quote which was filmed last year and in the editing cut, intensifies impact But the red carpet rollout of "Francesco" has been anything but bright, with evidence that the Vatican censored the pope last year by deleting his endorsement of same-sex civil unions from an interview, only to have the footage resurface in the new film.  "Talks are underway to deal with the current media crisis."

How to respond biblically To Pope Francis call for same-sex civil unionsHow to respond biblically To Pope Francis call for same-sex civil unions

He felt the miracle of God’s warm embrace in a frozen gulag

New Michael Brown online retreat, Spiritual Warfare on Halloween (10/31)

Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions, saying: 'Homosexuals are children of God and have the right to be in a family'  Schism worthy?  Unlikely

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

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Category 2 Hurricane Zeta makes landfall

Washington psychologist, 55, shoots dead her seven-year-old twin daughters before turning the gun on herself in murder-suicide amid custody battle with her ex

Girl, 7, and driver are killed in school bus crash in Tennessee after utility truck 'veered into oncoming lane' on highway, leaving multiple other children seriously injured

Has Covid killed off the flu? Experts pose the intriguing question as influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe

Last season’s flu vaccine provided substantial protection for children

Proving she didn’t understand that her ‘deplorables’ comment energized Donald Trump’s base, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has again castigated Trump supporters calling them ‘Cowards, Spineless Enablers’ Link

A far left group is vowing to “make sure Trump leaves” the White House after the election, even if he wins, with radicals preparing to storm and occupy DC Ridiculous statement.

San Diego Attorney is Providing a Life Raft to Clients in Need

The Shocking Parallels of the 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution to 2020 US Leftist Rebellion

Supreme Court sides with President Trump, Blocks Wisconsin Ballot Extension

Man arrested after breaking into Louisville's St. Martin of Tours church, destroying altar

Big power shutoffs in California as winds boost fire danger

Hollywood Celebs Rage in Defeat After Barrett Confirmation: 'Revolting. Disgraceful. Unconscionable'

Schumer threatens GOP for confirming Barrett

‘God’s Moving in America’: Over 35,000 Lift up Jesus in ‘Let Us Worship’ Rally on National Mall in DC  SO IS SATAN

Satanic Protester Dumped Blood All Over Christian Preacher at Washington Prayer Event

Make no mistake: ‘We are in a battle with Satan’: The biblical truth we too often ignore

What happens during an exorcism

How to defend against demonic attack

A Reminder that Fornication is a Serious Sin that Can Exclude Us From Heaven

Don't celebrate Hell this weekend

Pattern of post-Ebola symptoms resembles rheumatologic disease

Six spine-chilling Maltese ghost stories