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His chances of survival were slim, so Douglas began to pray. Before he knew it, the figure of a man appeared
What happened next is something Douglas remains grateful for to this day; a life-saving encounter he'll never forget.

Coach Joe Kennedy Vindicated! Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Football Coach Who Prayed With His Players after Games

3 Angels Surrounded Her in the Hospital Room

A Mysterious Visitor Brings Last Meal

The Angels of Hemby Hospital

Weekly program for offering our prayers and sufferings

Nigeria: Gunmen Kill Another Catholic Priest bringing to 3 the number killed in the last 24 hours

Bear dies after locking itself inside hot car

Man Dragged into Pond and Killed By 11-Foot Alligator In South Carolina

Nun slain in Haiti is hailed by pope as a martyr

People who are born with money are MORE sensitive to the plight of the poor than those who have gone from 'rags to riches'

Food Riots Continue In Sri Lanka As The Military Begins Shooting Civilians (Economy collapsed last week)

A Permanent Shortage Of Everything

U.N. Warns of Looming ‘Catastrophe’ from Food Shortages

Another large chicken producer abruptly announces closure of U.S. plant, catching locals off guard

Nancy Pelosi's husband charged with DUI causing injury, faces up to year in jail

Texas woman conceives 2nd child while pregnant, gives birth to ‘twins’

The Powerful Virgin Against Evil

Criminal charges reinstated against ex-Ann Arbor priest accused of molesting altar boy

Altar boys who testified that priest raped them now say that Bishop Hubbard also  abused them (Albany Diocese)

Seminarian in Hospital Bed with Terminal Cancer Is Ordained Priest

Couple sues famous women's Boston hospital over loss of premature baby's body (Thrown out with the medical waste)


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How to know when The Warning is near

America's never been more riven. And the future looks frightening

The landmark decision on abortion was reversed on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Birth of St. John the Baptist

US Supreme Court OVERRULES Roe v. Wade because 'the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion' in decision set to make procedure ILLEGAL in 26 states and spark fierce debate across America

A Triumph of the Sacred Heart. Today is the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart

Planetary Alignment splits the sky not seen since the Civil War split the nation. Will the SCOTUS ruling on abortion split the nation?

The Great Divide (Purification--The 6th Seal) Coming

Pro-abortion protestors are displaying a variant of Satanim  Father Frank Pavone

Historical Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection

‘I’m Absolutely Convinced I Survived Because of the Real Presence’

Cervantes: St. Michael urges prayers to diminish power of mega earthquake soon to shake earth 'where great tectonic faults converge'. 'Pray the rosary and do adoration so that the intensity would be diminished.'

Tectonic plates are constantly in motion. Oceanic ridges and rises are where plates spread apart, Trenches are where plates slide under each other (subduction). It is never smooth. Finally, when enough friction builds up, an EQ occurs.

The Pacific Tectonic Plate (biggest in the world) converges with multiple other plates showing a lot more trenches than subduction zones 

 Almighty, holy and Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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Collection of short specialty prayers that thwart demons in their activities

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Man says, 'Show me, and I'll trust you.' God says, 'Trust me and I'll show you.'
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The amazing link between John the Baptist, Fatima, and BVM arch-enemy, Freemasonry.  (6 min video).  Additionally, June 24, the first apparition at Medjugorje (1981). So far the planetary alignment of 7 (not 5) that split the the sky as the nation split on the day of the Scotus ruling; the anniversary of Free Masonry; the Feast of the Sacred Heart and John Baptist. Let's continue to look for other portentous events on this date

The Angel in the Hospital

84 Lawless Prosecutors from 29 States Including Several Soros-Funded DAs Vow to Disregard Law and NOT Prosecute Women who Seek Abortions or Medics Who Provide Them

Trump: Dobbs is an ‘answer to the prayers of millions and millions of people. Thanks to the courage found within the Supreme Court, this long divisive issue will be decided by the states and by the American people'

Biden and Garland prepare to get abortion pills everywhere

1st Murder Charge Linked to Roe Reversal Protests Filed

Texas Republican Party Declares Homosexuality an 'Abnormal Lifestyle,' Calls on SCOTUS to Overturn Obergefell v. Hodges

‘Duty To Correct The Error’: Justice Thomas Urges Revisiting of Rulings On Same-Sex Marriage, Gay Sex & Contraceptives

Majority of Americans Now Believe Same-Sex Marriage Is Doomed

The Pentagon Announces It Will Refuse to Follow Any State Laws Restricting Abortion Access

Israeli scientists discover how to make elderly human skin young again

FBI Investigating Arson and Vandalism Attack on Pregnancy Center in Longmont, Colorado

Dozens Arrested in Massive NYC Pro-Abortion Protests That Left Fox News HQ and Women's Republican Club Vandalized

Father Of Brutally Murdered Child Beats The Hell Out Of Accused Murderer In Court Room  No less brutal that abortion instrumentation of a baby. The only father that cares is God the Father.