How St. Pope Gregory turned aside the corona virus of his time

Latest U.S. Coronavirus Case Suggests True Scope of Undetected Spread is Unknown

Preparing for Coronavirus to Strike the U.S. Getting ready for the possibility of major disruptions is not only smart; it’s also our civic duty.

Vaccine maybe 18 months away. Here is the amazing story of what has been done so far with the "spike" (viral attachment protein) Amazing because of how fast it was done.  Very readable.

Nuns perform Hindu ritual during doxology (right after consecration) at Cdl. Cupich Mass

Man, 38, destroys Virgin Mary shrine in Guadalajara because 'his prayer for a miracle was not answered'

This man's prayers didn't go unanswered

Illegal Alien Fined $280 for Killing Two Law Enforcement Officers Still Driving Freely in U.S Immigration advocacy group paid his $15,000 fine and  sanctuary state (Maryland) did not turn him over to ICE. He has since committed many dangerous traffic violations and arson.  He is finally now in ICE custody.

1,300 complaints filed over risqué Super Bowl halftime

Republican senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are the Republicans who voted with Democrats  against protecting unborn babies after 20 weeks They were the only two republicans.

Ukraine opens criminal investigation ... of Joe Biden!

About 40% of US adults are obese (not just over-weight)

Pope sick a 2nd day with apparent cold, cancels audiences

347 rabbis sign letter rejecting Bernie Sanders’ ‘outrageous comments’

Graphic epidemic curve for Covid-19 virus which points to airborne spread (but can spread other ways also)

‘Fatima’: True story of miraculous Marian Apparitions to open in theaters April 24 Marian intervention? The timing is remarkable.  May it turn MANY hearts and be available before theater and cinemas are shut down. 

Buffalo diocese files for bankruptcy abuse survivors frustrated

Study Finds Concerning Link Between Dairy Milk, Breast Cancer Risk

Vatican task force offers help to church on abuse prevention Should have been done 20 years ago!

Disgraced Catholic order vows to turn page on abuse with new norms

British man fell to death after being given parachute with holes, police say

The Ash Wednesday Prophecy of the Lady of All Nations  Unable to reach the website last week, Reader JC has provided us an alternate site for this link.  Thx JC

Grandfather accused of dropping toddler out of cruise ship window 'to change plea to guilty'

Polish woman, 25, goes blind after getting her eyeballs dyed black


Daughter writes sweet 'Mom Be Brave' message in snow outside mother's hospital window

Past Headlines

What are the Marian dogmas and what is the reason for the 5th?

Judgments cometh: Why They Have Not Changed Over Human History and are Just

The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab
At an emergency meeting in Beijing held last Friday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke about the need to contain the coronavirus and set up a system to prevent similar epidemics in the future. Translation: They likely lost containment of a lab manufactured pathogen. This explains why no search for the intermediate animal host which coronaviruses must have FIRST so they can mutate to infect humans. Apparently, Chinese scientist may have been able to skip this step and manipulate the viral genes to infect human directly

Pensioner, 83, comes back to life ten hours after she was declared dead and claims her late father 'was calling me to heaven'   Priest and doctor testify

Untold story of a French woman thought to be a spy but whose principal activity was organizing a network that rescued hundreds of Jewish children from deportation to Auschwitz.

A How a miracle in Duarte, CA earned sainthood for a French priest

Brought Safely to Shore by Ocean Angels

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Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

Does this pope even venerate his vicar? It's not so much what you say; it is what you do! See the pics.

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Update reports emerge of friction between Miller shooter Anthony Ferrill and other Coors-Molson employees in his work group

Outrageous New York Times Piece Calls for Coronavirus To Be Named After Trump

President Trump, First Lady Release Lenten Statement: ‘Repent and Accept the Gospel’

The Rev. Ramon Bejarano, who has served at three Catholic parishes in Stanislaus County, will become the auxiliary bishop in San Diego

Diocese of San Bernardino presents its first St. Damien Molokai award to a nun

Suffern priest accused of rape faces more charges following grand jury indictment

Bishops Refute Claims that Pope Francis Displeased with Fr. James Martin’s LGBT Ministry

This unique trilogy (book) written by a noble and a survivor motivates modern generations to survive and succeed in present day life, taking into consideration mistakes and lessons of Europe during the 20th century. Each book proves how lucky we are to live in the USA that protects us from the life-threatening experiences which the main character underwent in Nazi Germany and under the communist regime in the USSR. Link

Father Amorth speaks on his  encounters with Satan's demons. They all occurred during an exorcism: “Fr. Amorth had asked the devil when he would leave the possessed girl’s body. The devil replied that he would remain until December 8. This turned out not to be true, and when Fr. Gabriele reproached him for the lie, the devil said in reply, ‘Haven’t they ever told you I’m a liar?”... So how can the demons be interrogated at all?

Fr. Amorth confided “exorcists interrogate the devil and get answers out of him.” But if the devil is the prince of lies, what use is it to interrogate him? “It’s true that we sift through the devil’s answers afterwards; perhaps the Lord forces the devil to tell the truth to demonstrate that Satan has been defeated by Christ, and is also forced to obey Christ’s followers when they act in His name.”

Canada refuses to pay for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Vancouver security once they step down as full-time Royals (so WHO will?) 

UK schools could be closed for TWO MONTHS under plan to contain coronavirus as cases rise to 16 and senior doctors warn the old and infirm may NOT get treatment

The ACLU files a lawsuit against seven East Texas cities for discrimination  against illegals which have effectively outlawed abortion within their city limits by making their cities “sanctuary cities for the unborn.” So far, twelve Texas cities have voted to keep abortion out of their vicinities

Contrary to what the left says, Jesus was not a socialist

Chinese planning to dispatch a 100,000-strong army of ducks to help Pakistan combat a massive locust infestation??

The Chinese prophecy of locust plague for 2020

On October 6 the nun who received the Akita prophecies, now elderly and in poor heath, received another from a blessed statue which gave the previous approved prophecies in 1972. The world was warned to put on sackcloth and ashes and repent daily.  The corona virus pandemic was noted to have started in December, approximate 40 days after. This is comparable to the story of Jonah of the Old Testament who gave Nineveh 40 days to repent which they did. We thank Spirit Daily for putting this together.  Link

Experts say that Nineveh was visited by a long total solar eclipse slightly before or during Jonah's visit to soften sinners up and make them more receptive to the repentance message. It would be consistent with the story for us, (and we hope we do), receive a terrifying heavenly sign in the next few week to shake the world into penance.