The Divine Mercy Chaplet and ADHD

Spirit-Digest wins Big C Catholics Excellence Blog Award  Thank you, Big C.

Bishop of San Diego , “A vibrantly transformed branch of Catholic theology"

Gay Man Announces His Same-Sex Wedding in Radical LGBT-Affirmative Parish Bulletin

New pro-homosexual auxiliary for McElroy  New ways Ministries is a homosexual contact sheet in San Diego

Welcoming homosexuals by these methods and other is almost always interpreted as affirming their sinful life-style. Since McElroy knows this he is rightly described as pro-homosexual. They receive Holy Communion in Sam Diego.

Homeless woman accused of rage-filled subway slashing

California prosecutors on Tuesday charged two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood with 15 felonies, saying they invaded the privacy of medical providers by filming without consent. Infuriating that dicing live babies for their tissues becomes a non-issue when those documenting it are arrested  (No link)

Minnesota Mom Loses Legal Battle Opposing Son’s Male-to-Female Sex Change

Question:  If a couple is in the state of mortal sin because of cohabitation before marriage without confession, is the marriage still a valid sacramental marriage? If not, when does it become a sacramental marriage?  Answer  Yes it's still valid but they do not get any sacramental graces because sin still darkens the union.

1/3 of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Year

“Dear Bishops,
I write you today because I am tired. Tired of seeing priests destroyed by unsubstantiated accusations of a sexual nature. The Dallas Charter is a travesty that treats priests, religious and laity as disposable...Rest of letter...”

U.S. Economy Collapse: Unlikely despite all the possible calamities..But what would happen and how to prepare  (short)

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Did Muhammad Perform Miracles?  No Islam does not allow it.

“Too many Catholics are caught up in a ‘comfortable’ Catholicism that makes them unwilling, and even unable, to see the grave problems” currently besetting the Church --Renowned theologian and one of the world’s top Catholic experts on the Church Fathers 

The House That Love Built

Sick little boy in need of a heart transplant FOUND a donor just hours after Melania visited him in hospital and revealed her Catholic faith to the world

After vision of Christ, Nigerian bishop credits Rosary for victories against Boko Haram

Fresh Insight into the “Warning”
Spiritually Gifted Mark Mallet says it is most likely the consequence of the opening of the Sixth Seal which describes the awesome event well. Since five catastrophic seals precede it, it will be opened in a world of utter chaos, devastation, and hopelessness.
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The testimony of Catholic convert Rabbi Israel Zolli of Rome is crucial to debunking the myth of ‘Pius XII’s Silence.’

Abbas rejected Trump’s peace proposal

Trump will not sign the Paris climate deal

Robot 'priest' blesses Lutheran worshippers in Germany

Last week it was nuns. Now Francis is railing against seminarians "who gossip  and will turn to crows to pluck your eyes out." After they are priests they will "lead and ordered static life".   The vast majority of us must has order and planning to complete our missions.

Lay off our sisters, Holy Father. Pope not supportive of past heroic efforts of nun missionaries. Wants changes FROM "The risks of being self-referential, of limiting your concerns to survival and of defensive rigidity"  Outrageous criticism and no thanks for centuries of difficult, holy service.   Pope ungraciously  overlooks disciplines and divine guidance that has spread the faith world-wide for millennia. Spirit-Digest webmaster educated by Holy Cross nuns.

Congress needs to impeach this judge!

 Trump cites Islamic terror in Ramadan greeting--completely opposite Obama's 8 years of Ramadan messages.

Woman with Down syndrome addresses United Nations about her ‘right to live’

Denver to provide lockers for city's homeless

Cause proceeds for Fr. Jaques Hamel, slaughtered by ISIS at altar

Outdoor Medical Kit advice from a real MD (Be Smart Get Prepared Outdoor First Aid Kit Review - a newer posting about a kit that is closer to getting it right) (Part 1: Portable First Aid Kit Basic Gear, Complaints, and Concerns) (Part 2: Portable First Aid. "Where are the Drugs!" Kit Medications for Survival) (Part 3: Portable First Aid Quik Clot Trauma Pak Review and Heavy Bleeding Treatment) (Part 4: Portable First Aid Kit Minor Wound Care Kit) (Part 5 Portable First Aid Kit: Sprains, Strains, and Automobiles) (Part 6: Portable First Aid Overall Kit Review) (Part 7 Portable First Aid Kit "Can this kit address my needs?" Overall Kit Usefulness)