New peer reviewed academic study finds diversity not a strength

Former Chinese Atheist Who 'Mocked' Jesus Now Teaches at Christian Seminary: 'The Gospel Has...Changed My Life

Nobel Prize for medicine is awarded to two Americans and a British scientist for breakthrough on how cells adapt to oxygen which could lead to new cancer treatments

Nobel Prize for Physics awarded to 3 scientists for contributions to understanding evolution of the universe

New evidence suggests a huge asteroid DID hit EARTH 12,800 years ago causing an ice age, wiping out dozens of species and decimating humans 

Falling From Grace: Hitler’s Catholic Henchmen

This secular Franciscan lived among lepers. Could he become Zimbabwe’s first saint?

Hell's Fall waterfall claims another five elephants which were found downstream from spot where six died last week

3 infants die from Pseudomonas bacteria at Pennsylvania NICU

Israeli blood cancer treatment could also kill solid tumors – new study

The LGBT Bully Squad Is Coming for Your Church Next

Household bleach inactivates chronic wasting disease prions
Prion infectious particles were thought indestructible. Mad Cow, Creuzfeld-Jacob diseases are all prion based diseases. No sterilization technique could decontaminate surgical instruments if used on such a patient. Here comes lowly Chlorox which can't even kill TB,  but will work on prions!  Webmaster served in the past as a disinfection expert and has lectured on the topic.

The insulin pill that could replace daily injections: Scientists create a capsule for diabetes patients that unfolds in the small intestine to dish out the drug

Man accidently shot in heart with nail gun...survives

Meet the biggest Planned Parenthood supporter in corporate America

The government can now activate your phone camera to stream live video of whatever you are seeing
A New Jersey police department recently implemented new technology that allows 911 operators in the area to stream live video from callers’ smartphones with the touch of a button.  And we amazed by Star Trek communicators in the mid 60s  

Mother turns in her own son, 17, after finding plans in his journal to carry out a Columbine anniversary shooting at his high school where he'd 'blast anyone in sight' and 'kill everyone possible'

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Spiritual warfare, new cardinals, feather-headdresses: My first three days at the Amazon Synod

What You Need to Know About the Transgender Case before the Supreme Court

Puppy rescued from Bahamas rubble after storm

Most Illegal Crossings In 12 Years: Border Patrol Took 851,000 Into Custody During Fiscal 2019

Pope opens synod urging bishops ‘not to kick the Holy Spirit out of the hall’

It’s a landmark ruling out of Miami, Florida that was handed down from a federal district judge. Cities must cooperate with ICE or elected officials will be removed from office

Turkey: Angel of Peace Ally of the West or Satanic Source of Gog and Magog? No part of Russia is true North of Israel. Tel Aviv, on the other hand, lies on the same meridian  as Ankara which is due and true north of Israel.  Erdogan may be the biblical Gog and will get the hook in his jaw.

MAJOR oil discovery in northern Israel fulfills the blessing that Moses gave to the Tribe of Asher

PA wipes peace agreements from schoolbooks, encourages incitement and intolerance

In England, Christian Doctor Loses Trans Beliefs Case

Sweden: One in Four Women are Afraid to Leave Their Homes

THE NEW AMERICA: Muslims take over a small southern town and force absolute hell on their terrified Christian neighbors

Global impact’ of man who will become England’s first saint of the modern age

Yom Kippur 1967: The Return to the Western Wall

Israel Is Right Now Negotiating ‘Historic Pact’ With Arab Gulf States That Will Provide ‘Peace And Safety’ In Unprecedented End Times Alliance A land deal MUST precede the Second Coming

Vatican Reps Remain Silent as Muslim Leader Denies Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

The 'most prolific serial killer' in U.S.  79-year-old man admitted to killing 93 people between 1979 to 2005 and he started sketching his victims' faces in prison  Not executing this man glorifies the murders!

3 'best’ and ‘worst' new TV shows for families this fall: Parents Television Council