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Please be at peace.  Great saints have begged to live in these times.  God chose you to walk through these special days.  You have been prepared from the moment of your birth for a purpose that only you can fill.  The path upon which you are embarking is blessed by God. 

Genesis 3:15, the "seed of the woman" is a Messianic prophecy which foretold the Messiah would be born of a virgin, since men are the ones who produce the seed. That was actually the first Messianic prophecy in all the Bible and can be taken literally.


"The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined."  Psalm 10:2

"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." I Peter 3:10

"And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth." Isaiah 2:19

"And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?"  Revelation 6:15-17

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June 16 Psychologist gives searing critique of Vatican’s new gender doc: a compromise with ‘neo-paganism’
June 17

The Rita Klaus Story  Incredible story of a Medjugorje healing and journey toward God, but in the U.S. not in Medjugorje (40 min)

China Is Launching Weather-Control Machines Across An Area The Size Of Alaska

Blackout hits tens of millions in South America Argentina and Uruguay without Power

New book: The Amazing Miracles of Padre Pio and the miracles behind them

Best analysis of the Church/world crisis. Pure gold!!!: Steve BannonPredicts Crisis in the Church Will Worsen, Laity Needs to Act  

June 18

Commentary: Why should I continue to support the Catholic Church?  Baltimore Parishioner writes with penetrating questions

This Eucharistic host was filmed bleeding and pulsating like a heart on fire Short video. From Venezuela in Dec 8, 1991  

June 19 Doctors called Mark’s brain-cancer healing ‘miraculous’: I never told them who made it happen bla

Exorcist Says This Problem is ‘Far Worse Than Satan’

"A terrible crisis of faith afflicts the modern world. Perhaps we should not be surprised if the process of exorcism takes longer than in ages past." Comments of a expert exorcist priest to priest-learners

June 20

The Prophetic Saint Who Foretold What the End of the World Will Be Like

Poll: Cupich ‘Worst’ Bishop in the US "It's way beyond the point of simple distrust. I sincerely believe that Cupich is an evil man, an enemy of Christ and His Church."Link includes many disparaging comments, no positive comments. No info on how the poll was conducted making weakening the negative results.

How we could get at least 3 days of darkness "naturally" A Super Flare burst of energy lashing out from the Sun could strike Earth could cause parts of the planet to be “plunged into darkness” for as long as several months, a theorist has warned

June 21 Is a case against Cardinal Blase Cupich building in Rome?

Mexican priest accused of murder after celebrating victim’s funeral Mass Accused priest is an exorcist!?

A moving piano bench, uncontrollable nose bleeds and an unexplained loss of power in a production trailer are just a few of the eerie experiences the cast and crew of “Annabelle Comes Home” had during the shoot.

"Church Militant has also learned that Cardinal Blase Cupich is now under scrutiny by state and federal law enforcement agencies for failing to report."
June 22 When angels have no names 
Lanciano might be the most famous of all Eucharistic miracles, but there have been many over the centuries, including recent ones
June 23

Landon Whitley was eight years old when he hopped into his parents' Pontiac and took the very first of three trips to heaven

Hell is real and 21 or the 38 parables teach about it

Four NDE visions of Hell

In his near-death experience of hell, he saw Christians who refused to forgive


June 24

Saints More and Fisher: Signs for our times Did they loose their heads for nothing? We might not have had a Church of England if  Amoris Laetitia had been written 500 years ago. In fact, a pope would not have been necessary to grant King Henry's annulment.

Judge sides with 1st Amendment after gun shows banned. 'This discrimination is based on irrational public policies'

What lies a head in the 2020s

June 25 The 'real story' behind the legendary horror doll, 'Annabelle'

400-Year-Old Prophecy Connects Recent Events in Iran to the War of Gog and Magog “This situation in the region is very serious. According to our calculations, there will be a war by the end of the summer, certainly before the Jewish high-holidays.” “People should not look to political solutions or even solutions from a natural source. The war will go far beyond that and the only solutions, the only hope is from heaven.”

Drug may stop common cause of dwarfism, increase children's growth rates  Huge game changer. Will patients be able to afford it.

How to stop companies from selling/sharing  your data

UN poised to launch global ban on all criticism of Islam

June 26

Sign Of The Times? Weather Patterns All Over The Planet Are Going Absolutely Nuts 109o in France this week

Ark of the Covenant buried somewhere under the Old City of Jerusalem Webmaster believes Ron Wyatt discovered the exact location in January of 1981. Israeli Antiquities Authority was aware and helped finance the research.

Three problems prevent Ark recovery for Temple ceremonies  1. God has again closed up the exact location; 2.  The Ark is on the Palestinian side of Old Jerusalem; 3. No one can touch the Ark, (still guarded by angels,) and live. Returning the Ark to the Israeli side was tried and all Levites who touched the Ark were struck dead immediately. It will be recovered in God's perfect timing. See the series of articles in the Spirit-Digest archive on the Ark for further info.

June 27 Holy Spirit gives a a terrifying vision: a caution call to those calling themselves Christians
A priest who saw Heaven, Hell and Purgatory (Spirit Daily)
Sister of Louise Turpin says rituals witchcraft may have been part of abuse
Nearly identical clock to one destroyed in Notre Dame fire found in storage...  Is God is saying, "Pay attention to the sign of the time"?
In response to prayer men in white unleash snakes to foil Boko Haram firing squad upon children Website from which link was taken changed their security from https:// to http:// this caused the link to fail- This link now works.
June 28 Sick Girl Sent Home to Die Peacefully, Is Miraculously Cured When She Sees ‘Jesus’
Her bag was stolen. The homeless drug addict who returned it would become one of her closest friends
God Things: Defying the odds through the power of prayer

Long Island Priest’s ID Being Used On Texts To Defraud Parishioners

LA archdiocese warns of renegade priest

June 29 The seldom-told story of the patron saint of altar servers
Pasteurella multocida is the normal flora in the mouths of dogs and cats. It can cause life threatening infections in humans. In the cases described, it was not transmitted by a bite. This is a wake up call for those of you like to feed your animals from the table as you eat, lick you plates clean, or lick any body part with a wound. Link

No sentient, practicing Catholic can deny that the days are growing darker and darker. Prophecies of our Lady of Good Success Link  Important read!

Card. Brandmüller Says Amazon Synod Document An ‘Attack On Foundations Of The Faith’

June 30

 I Don't CARE That I'm Going To Hell! Read what changed his mind

Bernardin: Homosexual Predator Satanist

Francis' Church going from scandal to scandal

Global Rosary Relay: One billion Hail Marys for priests

July 1

Multiple Catholic seers warning about terrorist event in U.S. on or about July 4, possibly New York City.  Please pray and if it does not come to pass ask that the prayers be directed for the conversion of sinners.

Our Lady of Good Success Raises & Lowers Her Eyes (Quito) which averts a 1941war

ISIS poised for ‘devastating’ comeback thanks to secret billions and sleeper cells, new report warns

Workshops instead of prosecution for pedophilia

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf  pleads for bishops to exorcise their diocese using the old Latin rite

Proof that the sacraments confer a real measurable change in the recipient

July 2 This Jesuit became his nation’s first priest after sitting next to Mother Teresa on an airplane

Twin Tower fell out of outrageous defiance for God's laws as explained by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Freedom Tower rose in its place in defiance of those laws.  Where have we gone and what have we become as a result of our 911 national trauma and prayers?   Today, full term babies are dissected alive, younger unborns have their organs harvested alive or are born alive and left to die. Euthanasia is widely promoted even in Catholic hospitals; doctors  for not offering it.   Rainbow flags fly over many state capitals and  "pride" parades swell into the thousands in every city.. The Blessed Mother's Images even have the rainbow flag imposed on her. Same sex marriages have morphed into transexual freaks with society catering to them with  tax dollars. It's loss of jobs and jail for those not using "preferred pronouns".   "Lavender mafia"  membership is a requirement for upwardly mobile Catholic prelates. The Sins of Nineveh, a pagan nation, does not come close to the U.S. in the 21th Century.

July 3

From Poland to the U.S., the Blessed Mother is being used in blasphemous ways 

Peer-reviewed medical journal chronicles healing miracle

Were the lyrics of a musical prophecy fulfilled 8 years ago where Trump walked on Sunday? 

Spiritual warfare: Poway rabbi was about to read about Messiah ushering in peace when gunman opened fire

July 4 July 4th Fun Facts: 7 Things You Didn't Know
Professing Faith: In our own day and age it has become fashionable to assert that the United States was never a Christian nation.  The religious foundations that bolstered the Declaration of Independence.
Abp. Viganò to receive award from Catholics United for the Faith for exposing Church abuse cover-ups
July 5 Pope Francis Releases New Document Outlining How Pagan Gaia Earth Worship Will Be Combined With The Catholic Church In The Amazon
You are not even close to being prepared for the chaos that’s coming
July 6 Woman Comes Back to Life with a Message
Did you know socialism violates all of the 10 Commandments?
July 7

This is the miracle that will make Fulton Sheen a Saint

The Most Politically Incorrect Passage in the Bible

July 8

God gave me the power to heal people

Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s lackluster start means it's business as usual in the archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

Admiral to lead Navy instead will retire; bad judgment cited  If only the Vatican had that principles and applied them

Counterfeit Catholicism Relativism Relativism is this idea that you create and define your own truths. Pope Benedict called a  dictatorship . Without an objective moral standard to conform your life to, you won’t have any reason to resist your urges and in the absence of effort against your impulses, you will become the sum of your appetites

Attacking our most treasured and sacred documents: Congresswomen: Declaration of Independence racist, sexist

The era of the ungrateful American , 5 First Saturdays were started to console the Godhead for ingratitude (among other sins) after complaints by the Savior, and God punished the Israelites for it after the Exodus

July 9 Majority of Americans Want Mass Deportations of Illegal Aliens Following Congressional Inaction
Tyrannical MN bishop excommunicates priest, closes parish after 'heretical' sermon from last year criticized pope, agitated a 'schism'. Distraught parishioners requesting in writing which statement were heretical or violated Catholic doctrine in any way 
Witches Are Everywhere
Pope Francis names seven women to previously all-male congregation
July 10

Bill to require California priests to report confessions of child sex abuse on hold

Faithful Catholics: don’t accept confusion about sexual morality

The Faults That Ruptured in Twin California Quakes Are Very, Very Weird

Pedophiles Are Now Calling Themselves ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ And Want Inclusion In the already vile LGBTQ Movement

July 11

Facebook adopts new policy allowing death threats against “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations”

The Most Popular College Degree: Majoring in Regret and Remorse

Faithful Catholics: don’t accept confusion about sexual morality

"I did not go to Heaven" Boy recants visitation.

“You can buy the work of Dr. Joseph Goebbels on Amazon.com, but not the work of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi!”, an author that LGBT activists find offensive. Activists posit 28 negative outcomes of conversion therapy. but there is not one scientific, peer reviewed study to back up the claims. The truth about so-called ‘conversion therapy’

Study Finds People Supposedly in a “Persistent Vegetative State” are Actually Aware

June 12 When the Earth cries out
St. Anne, Our Grandmother in Heaven

'I've still got God's support': Transgender priest, 37, leaves the Catholic church to become a woman after six years of secretly struggling with her identity
June 13 “New evidence suggests that high-energy particles from space known as galactic cosmic rays affect the Earth’s climate by increasing cloud cover, causing an ‘umbrella effect’,”  In other words, Finnish and Japanese studies conclude human activity cannot change the climate
Discovery leads to breakthrough nontoxic sanitizers and disinfectants against common and deadly germs
June 14

The Epstein Matter is not a minor incident involving minor players. This is the heart of darkness showing absolute power corrupts absolutely Whether you’re talking about a politician, an entertainment mogul, a corporate CEO, a police officer, or a Catholic cleric: give any one person too much power and allow him or her or it to believe that they are entitled, untouchable and will not be held accountable, abuse of power follows. For Catholics the take home is that the Pope is accountable to no one and more abuse is guaranteed to follow.

Demons are evil and unclean The Bible often calls them “evil” or “unclean” spirits. Demons are filthy, both physically and morally. Wherever you see demonism, you find filth, rubbish, and sin. It’s no accident that with the rise of Satanism and the occult in America, we also have the rise of drug abuse, pornography, child abuse, perversion, and obscenity.  

Messages from Purgatory

How long to souls remain in Purgatory?

June 15 The Holy Grail and the Invincible Power of the Most Precious Blood

Top psychologist group now promotes group sex

Mothers contribute more to kids’ spiritual growth than fathers
Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has virtually zero impact on global temperatures Carried link last week but this one is  shorter and easier to read
June 16 According to an experienced exorcist, the power of holy water united to the authority of a bishop is especially powerful and used by bishop to exorcise Columbian town  
Ex-gays rip Amazon for banning reparative therapy books, keeping pro-suicide books
Chinese Christians Declare Country ‘No Longer Safe for Us,’ Seek To Flee 
June 17

Is a Kalchik, Cupich showdown looming? Kalchik, a Chicago pastor forced to flee for permitting the burning of his parish's rainbow flag

Chinese Christians Declare Country ‘No Longer Safe for Us,’ Seek To Flee

Bridesmaid objects to bride marrying a Roman Catholic and declines being a bridesmaid, but wants to come to the wedding.  Would you let her attend your wedding?  Miss Manners, Judith Martin answers

Scientists, (in their infinite wisdom), conclude Octopus DNA is not of this world The hubris is if we don't understand it or have never seen it is alien to the planet

The many spiritual graces of wearing the Brown Scapular

This priest was saved from a bullet by wearing his Brown Scapular 

June 18 The Lourdes miracle that brought a Nobel prize-winning doctor to faith

8 Incredible True Stories That Prove The Hand of God

Why Aren't Pastors Preaching on End-Times Prophecy?

Jesuit General Expels 95-Year-Old Jesuit  The priest is 95. How merciful is that?. Whatever he did, he is no risk to others. If he said something how it it be any more radical than the Jesuit pope?





ARK of The Covenant Story 
Cutting A Covenant:  Looking More Closely 
Ritual performed on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) in ancient Israel
Omens to the Jews: Divine displeasure With The Rituals of the Old Covenant After the Death of Jesus
Ark of the Covenant: The Most Important Archeological Find In History
The Blood of Christ on the Mercy Seat. The Throne of Judgment Turned A Seat of Mercy
His Precious Blood showed Him to be extraordinary
World Net Daily interview with Ron Wyatt 5 days before he died
Collection of  wonderful You Tube videos on Spirit-Digest with Ron Wyatt discussing the Ark 

The heavens declare God's glory but  so do the numbers and they can't lie! The astonishing pattern and prophecy of 153   by Judy Gassett

Spiritual Patterns Found in Numbers Six and Thirteen  by Judy Gassett

The Menorah Design of the Coming Shemitah! Patterns Formed with Seven and Ten (and multiples there of) reveal the divine nature

On September 13, 2015 we start a new Jubilee year. The new Jubilee starts with a partial solar eclipse. It is of special note that this is 40th Jubilee Year since Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. It is also the 70th Jubilee year since the first one was proclaimed by God.

This is turns out to be a Menorah pattern like the many seen in the life of  Christ. TheSavior is represented by  4th light  in a series of seven oil lamps on the ancient Menorah. The other lights were lit from the 4th light or the "servant lamp".  Judah is the 4th son of Jacob and Leah. Jesus is born of this tribe 4,000 years after Adam.  Christ says, "as long as I am in the world I am the light of the world".  The day he died, the light in the servant lamp, or the 4th oil lamp went out and has never been relit to this day. Now we have of the 70 jubliees Jesus died in the MIDDDLE on the fortieth Jubilee.  (Note: a  jubliee is 7 X 7 years with the fiftieth year being the year after, called the double jubliee year)